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Take the guesswork out of your strength training

Transform your performance with the world’s first smart watch-enabled app that measures your force and effort, in real-time.

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Minimize wasted effort

Get personalized insights based on your own data.

Improve performance

Progress with your training in a sustainable way to maximise performance gains.

Avoid injuries

Improve form and ensure you're lifting the right weight every time.

Creators and businesses across the world trust Stance

Effort levels

Measure, don't assume.

Stance tracks speed of movement, power, and time-under-tension to calculate the effort you put in your strength training, set by set.

Training revolution

Break your Personal Best. Not your limbs.

Stance doesn’t just collect data insights, it uses AI to learn about your individual strengths and weaknesses to optimise performance and reduce injury risk.

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What you can expect.

Coach Mode
Delivers a personalized program based on your unique data to optimize your performance.
Training mode
Collects optimal data to make Coach mode even more intelligent.
More exercises
Adding more strength based exercises.
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Coach Mode

Avoid injuries.

An AI-driven personalised training programme tailored to your specific performance objectives.

Coming soon

Wearable device

All around tracking experience.

A smart wearable to gain intelligent insights into your training, compatible with Apple Watch and iPhone.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

”Figuring out how much to lift - that’s the difficult part…”
Charlie Leary
Belator Fighter
”The ability to capture and present this data will massively assist athletes.”
BJ Rule
Owner of BASIS London
"With any new product or innovation, I ask myself, would I buy this? With Stance my answer is an unequivocal YES"
Justin Musgrove
Ex-CEO of Bannatyne Gyms
"Having used many trackers before, the data Stance is providing me with is SO beneficial, different and insightful! Excited to hit more 1RMs with this on my side."
Clodagh Cronin
Former Bodybuilder, CrossFit Competitor
"As someone who does shift work, I often feel like I’m not getting the balance right when I hit max output workouts and when to take it a bit easier. This enables me to get the right training stimulus for how my body is working that day."
Sam Margetts
CrossFit Games Semi-Finalist

Built to unlock your strength

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